What kind of music

is played at the dances?

The dance club hires dance bands which play big band music. The bands range in size from a four person combo to 12 piece orchestra.

Who sponsors the dances?

Dance Club members’ dues are used to hire the bands and pay for all expenses for a season of dances. LCD members take turns leading the club by promoting, hosting or providing lessons before the dances. Member support through dues or volunteer time is essential to the club’s existence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dance floor etiquette?

Many dancers and styes of dancing can be accommodated on the dance floor at the same time using these simple dance floor etiquette guidelines.

• Follow the line of dance...

Couples should dance counterclockwise around the dance floor for dances that travel such as waltz, foxtrot, polka and tango. Don’t go against the line of dance for more than a few steps.

• Stay in the proper section of the dance floor..... Faster moving couples should stay to the outside of the dance floor. Slower moving couples should stay to the inside of the dance floor to avoid blocking or running into other dancers. Non-circling and spot dances such as swing, cha cha and rhumba use the center of the dance floor.

• Only dancers are on the dance floor when the music is playing.

A recent study suggests that the demands of ballroom dancing, such as remembering the steps, moving in precise time to the music and adapting to the movements of one’s partner, are mentally as well as physically challenging exercises, providing protection against dementia.”

Joe Verghese, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine

Who can attend the dances?

Guests are welcome to attend any summer or winter club dance. 

Season Memberships are available for Couples, and Individuals, with special rates for 17-30 year olds.

Is food served at the dances?

A full bar service is available in the ballroom during the dances.  No “outside” food or drink may be brought into the ballroom. Also on premises is a full service dining room.

What type of shoes are best?

Expert dancers inform us that leather or felt soled dance shoes provide the smoothest and safest dance experience. “Dance wax”is available in corners of the dance floor for non dance shoes. No wax is applied to the dance floor.