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What are the membership dues?

Winter Club 2021-22

$65, couple / $35, individual

$40, couple 17-30 years old

$90, sustaining membership


Summer Club 2022

$65 a couple / $35 individual

$40 a couple, 17-30 years old

$90 Sustaining Membership

What if I join mid-season?

Membership dues are prorated for members joining at or after the second dance.

What if I join and can’t

attend all the dances?

Unused dances on membership may be used to bring vaccinated guests to a dance.

Why Join The Dance Club?

  1. Bring Vaccinated guests to unused dances.

  2. Save over single dance adm.

  3. Members assure that ballroom dancing will continue to be available in central Minnesota.

“By joining the dance club we have assured ourselves of many glorious evenings of great music and dancing.... and the bonus is the wonderful friends we’ve made through the club.” Barbara Benson, Dance Club member

Who joins the dance club?

The club membership is made up mostly of couples of all ages who come from about 150 mile radius. Some of the couples have been dancing together since before the dance club was formed in 1983; others are new to the club and learning to dance. Everyone is welcome!

Who sponsors the dances?

Dance Club members’ dues are used to hire the bands and pay for all expenses for a season of dances. LCD members take turns leading the club by promoting, hosting or providing lessons before the dances. Member support through dues or volunteer time is essential to the clubs existence.

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May non-members attend the dances? Everyone is welcome! Admission to a single dance can be applied toward membership if deciding to join during the dance.
Non-member admission
Winter 2021-22
$10 per person (pp)
$5 pp,17-30 years old
Summer 2021
$10 pp
$5 pp,17-30 years old
Guests wishing to attend multiple dances are encouraged to join the club and help support ballroom dancing in the area.