Winter Dance Club 2021-2022

Dances are open to the public. Guests attending a single dance will pay $10 per person. $5 for 17-30 yr. olds. Admission may be applied toward membership. Membership is:

$65 per couple for five dances.

$40 for 17-30 yr. olds. Individual passes are also available.

The club provides a lesson prior to most Sunday dances. Lessons, free with admission, are provided by Dance Club members.

For more information contact:

Barbara Benson

Phone 320.763.6432


People attending will see couples dressed in their “Sunday best” dancing to fox trot, swing, waltz, rock and roll, polka, and latin music.

Dress Code: No jeans or shorts.

What if I join mid-season?

Membership dues are prorated for members joining at or after the third dance.

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Schedule of Dances


Sundays • 3-7pm

 Winter Dance ClubJoin_Winter.htmlJoin_Winter.htmlJoin_Winter.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

Nov 21    Velvet Brass

Jan 09    Velvet Brass

Feb 27    Velvet Brass

Mar 27    O’Hagan Combo 

Apr 24    Tuxedo Junction